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Welcome to Tom Daniels Elementary

Welcome to Daniels!

Principal: Ms. Amy Billeiter
Assistant Principal: Ms. Tina Kennedy
Counselor: Ms. Jennifer Kelly
Nurse: Ms. Sonia Bruton
Secretary: Ms. Sharon Harris
Receptionist: Ms. Lidia Salazar

2002 Singing Wind Drive, Kerrville, Texas, 78028
Phone number: 830-257-2208

Special Note: Winter Break December 19, 2016, through January 2, 2017.

See you on January 3, 2017, at 7:40 am.


Weather and Climate

To help students learn more about weather and climate, take them on a virtual tour to other climate zones around the world. Have students choose three cities on the planet that they may want to visit some day.

You may use a globe or a map to help students choose, or perhaps they may want to focus on somewhere they have already been. Encourage students to choose locations from each of the climate zones (tropical, temperate, and polar). Together create a mini tour guidebook for each location.

Here is one possible format for a guidebook. Divide a sheet of paper into 5 sections. Label the sections with “Today’s Weather,” “Location on Earth,” “Climate Zone,” “Climate,” and “Pictures.” Using the library or Internet, research each of the categories with your child. Begin by having your child find the current weather at each destination.

Then, use a map or the globe to find the city’s location on the planet. For example, if your child chose Paris, France, the city is located in Europe at a latitude of about 50° N. That latitude indicates that Paris is in a temperate climate zone. Have your child research and describe the conditions in a temperate climate zone, and then find pictures in magazines or online that demonstrate the Parisian climate. The temperate climate zone, in particular, has variations between the seasons. Encourage your child to cover how the climate changes from season to season in both the description and pictures.

Here are some questions to discuss with your child:
•Why is it important to know the weather and the climate of a destination? What do you learn about a place from its weather and climate?
•What geological features (oceans, lakes, mountains, etc.) are near each of your destination cities? How do you think these features affect each city’s climate?
•What climate zone do you think we live in? How do you know?
(Stemscopedia, Pg. 70)

Enjoy! Mrs. Amy Billeiter,

Principal of Tom Daniels Elementary School

Expect the best, and work for success!


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