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Welcome to Tom Daniels Elementary

Welcome to Daniels!

Principal: Ms. Amy Billeiter
Assistant Principal: Ms. Tina Kennedy
Counselor: Ms. Jennifer Kelly
Nurse: Ms. Sonia Bruton
Secretary: Ms. Sharon Harris
Receptionist: Ms. Lidia Salazar

2002 Singing Wind Drive, Kerrville, Texas, 78028
Phone number: 830-257-2208

Watching the Weather

Next time you are outside, look at the weather. It may be sunny or raining, winder or still. Whatever is happening, it can change – sometimes very suddenly. 

Here are some activities that you can do with your child:
1. Keep a Weather Diary. Watch the weather every day. You can draw pictures in a weather diary to show what the weather is like. Does the weather change much from day to day?
2. Measuring Rain. You can make a rain gauge from an empty plastic bottle, and use it to measure how much rain falls each day. With an adult’s help, cut a bottle in half. Stand the top half upside down in the bottom half. Stand your rain gauge outside, in the open. Put stones around it to keep it upright. Measure how much water there is in your rain gauge every day. You can use a measuring cup. Record it in a weather diary. Try to guess how much water there will be in the rain gauge before you look. 
3. Water Puddles. When it rains, some water soaks into the ground. Sometimes there are puddles left. Try this to see what happens to puddles when it stops raining. Draw around a puddle with chalk. Is the puddle the same size an hour later? It should not be the same due to evaporation unless it rains again. 
4. Mini Rainfall. Put some hot water in a bowel. Cover it with plastic food wrap and put ice cubes on top. Some of the hot water evaporates and turns into tiny invisible droplets. The water droplets hit the cold plastic and condense into drops. They join together to make bigger drops. Then they fall back into the water. The water in the world goes around like this all the time. 
5. Ice Power. Fill a plastic bottle with water. Put a coin across the opening at the top instead of the lid. Leave it upright in the freezer overnight. The ice lifts the coin because water gets bigger as it freezes. 

(Activities from Science with Weather. Usborne Publishing Ltd, 1993.) 

Enjoy! Mrs. Amy Billeiter,

Principal of Tom Daniels Elementary School

Expect the best, and work for success!


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